Dyno Kart is a chassis dynamometer developed to measure torque and power (up to 100 hp) delivered at the wheel for karts provided with or without gearbox.

Thanks to a dedicated and specifically conceived eddy current brake, Dyno Kart allows to perform tests with load simulation on 60-100-125 cc highly performing karts, in addition to the regular acceleration tests..

Its solid structure is engineered to support various sizes of chassis and high speed performances (up to 200 km/h) in safety. .

Dyno Kart is provided with a series of sensors (air/water/K exhaust temperatures) integrated with the measurement software for a precise and accurate evaluation of power test results.

Dyno Kart allows to acquire in real time factors like power, torque, RPM and speed (available different units of measurement) with the possibility to print out and save all data on your computer. It also allows to perform multiple testing sessions and compare all results.

Dyno Kart can be easily installed in any location thanks to its low weight and compact structure; two strong handles guarantee safe and easy handling.

A wide range of optional accessories is available to improve both measurement precision and test session set-up:

  • Single-phase electric starter to test karts not provided with a starter motor
  • Wide-band lambda (A/F) sensors to measure the stoichiometric ratio combined with test results
  • Tangential fan for engine cooling in case of prolonged testing sessions

A user-friendly software and no hardware allow to work with a notebook. Measured values can be assessed thanks to both the digital displays and the graph. By moving the cursor on the chart, the related value is automatically displayed.

Nominal voltage 220 VAC
Nominal current 10 A
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Axle load 150 kg
Test stand weight 120 kg
Test speed max 200 km/h
Roller set length 800 mm
Roller set height 210 mm
Roller set diameter 194 mm
Roller axle center separation 1100 mm
Roller length 400 mm
Interior track width vehicle 700 mm
Exterior track width vehicle 1500 mm
Roller surface Knurled coated
Driving direction unidirectional
eddy-current brake with flywheelvolano
Number of coils 8
Max. current 10 A
Voltage 96 V
Height of brake 210 mm
Rotor inertia 0,1 kg/m2
Single-phase motor 220 V - 50/60 Hz
Power 1,1 kW