OBDII data interfaceA small, handy tool allowing your DYNO bench tester to communicate in a fast and safe way with any type of vehicle. Dimsport’s Dyno line is now enhanced thanks to a kit easily connected to the standard OBDII (via can-bus) in order to read all available data displayed in the software interface. 

Easier job for Dyno operators
The new interface helps making the job easier for dyno operators. The external sensor kits, previously needed to read some of the vehicle parameters (such as RPM, water / oil / aspirated air temperatures, engine load), are no longer required as this data is automatically acquired by the vehicle’s sensors.

By just activating a specific software function, the bench tester’s RPM values can be aligned to those acquired via OBDII, with the effect of speeding up the pre-test process.

Errors cancellation
Lastly, the communication between DYNO dynamometer and software via OBDII DATA interface allows complete cancellation of diagnosis errors, avoiding further intervention by means of alternative diagnostic procedures.

Dyno OBDII data interface