RPM counter interfaceA new, extremely precise and universal tool, conceived to detect the RPM value and supplied along with the DYNO power bench tester line, is Dimsport’s smart solution to the need of a RPM counter, when the vehicle is not provided with such system.

The new tool’s graphic interface allows to easily read RPM and temperature detected. These values, furthermore, can be acquired in real-time also by the bench tester thanks to a fast Bluetooth communication between the tool and the bench tester.

The simple activation of a specific software function allows the universal RPM counter to transfer the parameters measured directly to the bench tester. The system also calculates the engine RPM / roller RPM ratio automatically, thus making the pre-test setting procedures easier.

This important accessory completes the ideal DYNO equipment, necessary in order to perform professional and accurate measurements. It is particularly recommended in cases where the vehicle is old or belongs to those special categories that could not otherwise undergo bench tests.

Dyno RPM counter interface