Dynotruck represents Dimsport’s offer for power test and road simulation of heavy duty vehicles. Targets are test of vehicle working, dynamic diagnosis and tuning of engine parameters.

Exclusive feature to the DF4T version is the hydraulic link of axles in order to transfer the drive to the driven axle and therefore determine the simultaneous revolution of the front steering wheels together with the rear drive wheels, so offering a solution to the problems created by electronic traction and stability systems. This linking system is currently the only one available on the market and can be connected or disconnected according to the user’s needs (in case of vehicles that do not require this link or when this link can be even dangerous).

Again, preserving the user’s personal security is the most important issue: specific developments like mechanical blocking of rollers dramatically cut down any risk for safety while testing. It is also mechanically engineered to be adapted to any load condition up to 16000 kg per each axle and supplied with a pneumatic lifting and roller blocking system. Lastly, in the double axle version a powerful motorized reducer can move the dyno in order to change the wheelbase.

The managing software allows to test and simulate several variables during the different phases of the test, so offering many options to display acquired details as well as to compare different tests and customized printings.


  • Max power at wheel and graph of the related curve 
  • Max engine power and related graph 
  • Torque at wheel and related graph
  • Engine torque and related graph
  • Simulation at constant RPM
  • Simulation at constant speed
  • Simulation at constant torque
  • Measurement of discrepancy of  speedometer/tachometer
  • Road simulation

Also Dynotruck is equipped with specific sensors to acquire analogic data: environmental manifold pressure, environmental temperature, engine oil temperature, exhaust gas temperature.

Furthermore, these details can be completed by optional kits for test of fuel consumption.

 A user-friendly software and no hardware allow to work with a notebook. Measured values can be assessed thanks to both the digital displays and the graph. By moving the cursor on the chart, the related value is automatically displayed.

DF2T-D is the latest dyno truck model fitting north-american market needs. It consists in two braked and adjustable rear axles and a inertial additional one, allowing to test vehicles equipped with three driving axles.  

DFAT module available for driving double axle, which is mainly aimed at special purpose vehicles like construction vehicles.


Max power 600 kW
Max speed 200 Km/h
Max torque 5500 Nm
Traction force 25 kN
Diameter of roller 318 mm
Wheelbase 3200 - 7200 mm
Track 0,8 - 2,8 m
Overall weight per axle 16000 Kg
Mechanical link of axles Si (OPT)
Variable speed of fan Si (OPT)
Roller blocking and lifting system Si
Absorbed electrical power 10 kW
Rear dyno dimensions 4.750 x 1.100 x 460 mm
Front dyno (mobile) dimensions 2.950 x 1.100 x 240 mm
Rear dyno weight 2.100 Kg
Front dyno (mobile) weight 450 Kg
Oil temperature sensor (°C) / H2O (°C) 0 - 150 ºC
K temperature sensor 0 - 1.000 ºC
Boost pressure sensor (bar) -1.00 + 3.00
Consumption device 4- 200 l/h

Measurement data are collected and standardized through an integrated barometric unit in accordance with the following regulations: DIN 70020, EGW 80/1269,  SO 1585, SAE J1349, JIS D1001