My Genius Update - McCormick brand added

New brand McCormick added to the My Genius application list.

Here some of the supported models:

X4 F/XL/V 4.30 2.9L 52kW EDC17CV56

X4 F/XL/V 4.50 2.9L 66kW EDC17CV56

X4 F/XL/V 4.60 2.9L 70kW EDC17CV56

X4 F/XL/V 4.70 2.9L 75kW EDC17CV56

X4 F/XL/V 4.80 2.9L 75kW EDC17CV56

MC 115 (T3) 4.4L 81kW PERKINS TIER3

MC 120 (T2) 6.0L 87kW PERKINS TIER2

MC 130 (T3) 4.4L 92kW PERKINS TIER3

MTX 165 6.7L 120kW EDC7C1-C2

MTX 185 6.7L 134kW EDC7C1-C2

TTX 190 (T3) 6.7L 132kW EDC7UC31

TTX 210 (T3) 6.7L 146kW EDC7UC31

TTX 230 (T3) 6.7L 157kW EDC7UC31

X4.20 2.9L 47kW EDC17CV56

X4.30 2.9L 50kW EDC17CV56

X4.40 3.6L 56kW EDC17CV54

X4.50 3.6L 66kW EDC17CV56

X4.60 3.6L 73kW EDC17CV56

X4.70 3.6L 78kW EDC17CV56

X5.30 3.4L 70kW EDC17C49

X5.35 3.6L 74kW EDC17CV56

X5.40 3.4L 77kW EDC17C49

X5.45 3.6L 79kW EDC17CV56

X5.50 3.4L 83kW EDC17C49

X5.55 3.6L 81kW EDC17CV56

X6.35 3.6L 80kW EDC17CV52

X6.420 4.5L 89kW EDC7UC31

X6.420 4.5L 89kW EDC7UC31

X6.430 4.5L 89kW EDC7UC31

X6.470 4.5L 110kW EDC7UC31

X60.50 4.4L 94kW PERKINS TIER3

X7.440 4.5L 105kW EDC7UC31

X7.450 4.5L 118kW EDC7UC31

X7.460 4.5L 122kW EDC7UC31

X7.460 4.5L 122kW EDC7UC31

X7.650 6.7L 118kW EDC7UC31

X7.660 6.7L 129kW EDC7UC31

X7.670 6.7L 141kW EDC7UC31

X7.670 6.7L 141kW/190HP EDC7UC31

X7.680 6.7L 156kW/212HP EDC7UC31

X70.80 6.7L 6L 173kW EDC7UC31

XTX 145 (T3) 6.7L 107kW EDC7UC31

XTX 165 (T3) 6.7L 134kW EDC7UC31

ZTX 230 8.3L 171kW CM850

ZTX 230 8.3L 171kW EDC7UC31

To perform the tuning it is necessary a specific cable;

contact to get more info.