My Genius Update - Steyr brand added

New brand STEYR added to the My Genius application list.

Here some of the supported models:

KOMPAKT 4075 3.4L 55kW EDC17C49

KOMPAKT 4085 3.4L 63kW EDC17C49

KOMPAKT 4095 3.4L 71kW EDC17C49

MULTI 4100 3.4L 73kW EDC17C49

PROFI 4110 PROFI 4.4L 89kW EDC7UC31

PROFI 4115 PROFI 4.4L 85kW EDC17CV41

PROFI 4130 PROFI 4.4L 105kW EDC16C39

PROFI 4130 PROFI 4.4L 110kW EDC7UC31

PROFI 4135 PROFI CVT 4.5L 4L 106kW EDC17CV41

PROFI 6115 PROFI 6.7L 86kW EDC16C39

PROFI 6125 PROFI 6.7L 101kW EDC16C39

PROFI 6125 PROFI 6.7L 121kW EDC7UC31

PROFI 6135 PROFI 6.7L 99kW EDC7C1-C2


CVT 6135 CVT 6.7L 88kW SISU EEM2

CVT 6150 CVT 6.7L 130kW EDC17CV41

CVT 6160 CVT 6.7L 119kW ECOTECH EDC7UC31

CVT 6170 CVT 6.7L 125kW ECOTECH EDC7UC31

CVT 6185 CVT 6.7L 147kW ECOTECH EDC17CV41

CVT 6200 CVT 6.7L 146kW ECOTECH EDC17CV41

CVT 6225 CVT 6.7L 167kW EDC16C39

CVT 6230 CVT 6.7L 171kW ECOTECH EDC7UC31

CVT 6240 CVT 6.7L 177kW EDC17CV41

To perform the tuning it is necessary a specific cable;

contact to get more info.