The range of RACE solutions offered by Dimsport includes bestsellers acclaimed all over the world:

• NEW GENIUS & MY GENIUS, stand-alone tools for serial reading and programming operations via OBDII/diagnostic port

• NEW TRASDATA, JTAG/BDM/BOOT technology for direct connections to the ECU and the complete disclosure of its firmware

• RACE EVO & DS MANAGER, operational software always kept up-to-date, with a complete database of drivers specifically created to support professionals in the ECU tuning business

All the tools developed by Dimsport are available in both master and slave configuration. The vehicle range supported include CAR, BIKE, LCV (light commercial vehicles), TRUCK (heavy duty trucks), AGRI (tractors and agricultural vehicles) and MARINE; a wide offer of brands and models not only inclusive of European, but also Asian and American vehicles available thanks to the cooperation with several development centres in the world.