With more than hundred thousand modules manufactured since 1995, Rapid Plug&Play tools represent today a solid name and a well established working concept for the optimization of the engine working: an effective solution interacting with the advanced technology of engine management systems of turbo diesel and now for turbo petrol, too.

The superior characteristics of this add-on module and the reliability guaranteed in the years thanks to the use of standard-automotive components allowed Rapid by Dimsport to stand out from a whole series of products from the competition, poorer quality imitations.


Rapid is activated only in special engine operating conditions, managed by pre-set parameters, according to the vehicle on which it is installed. The modules operate without interfering with the vehicle standard electronic system, thus not triggering any diagnostic fault or working trouble. The vehicle ECU is therefore not affected while monitoring the vital parameters of the engine mechanics. Wiring connections are conceived to facilitate the installation on the vehicles: more than 80% of the applications are provided with original connectors, for easy “Plug&Play” links. Rapid modules have been designed by Dimsport so they can be connected to different vehicles by just replacing its wiring.


In addition to car and off-road applications, add-on modules are widely requested for commercial vehicles, mid & heavy duty vehicles and even for agricultural applications (tractors, harvesters, etc) to increase the work efficiency. Rapid Marine completes the range reaching the marine industry..


Rapid is always supplied with detailed and illustrated operative manuals allowing the tuner to perform step-by-step operations. Moreover, Dimsport installers are constantly supported with hints, technical suggestions, power & torque diagrams and information about the resultant engine performance: always on hand to lend assistance when doubts arise. Intensive training sessions, a call centre with dedicated lines and a specific online support guarantee a satisfactory technical & commercial exchange of information.