DIMSPORT offers a complete range of auxiliary modules for cars and off-road vehicles, intervening on the basis of applications on the rail signal, on injection times or on supercharging pressure. The reliability and quality of the materials are core elements, while the plug&play connectors on most of the applications make the installation process simple. In addition to its products for turbo-diesel engines, DIMSPORT also offers the Rapid TPM platform which can be used both in diesel and turbo-petrol-powered vehicles by modifying the module firmware and using specific wiring.


The TPM range responds to the need to modify latest-generation vehicles, with complex electronic systems and more stringent safeguards and checks imposed by the manufacturer.

Not only are Rapid modules particularly suitable for vehicles that do not allow modifications to the original electronic control unit, they also boast real-time customised calibration by means of the calibration console and the Software (the latter only applies to the TPM platform): the aim is to optimise engine power and torque in order to achieve an improved response at all speeds, enhanced performance and reduced fuel consumption.

The original electronic control unit guarantees reliability by monitoring the overall functioning of the system and ensuring that conditions of full operational safety are maintained at all times.