Gli strumenti di taratura del modulo per lavorare in tempo reale

All Rapid Modules offer a real-time tuning in order to obtain the best settings. The Tuner can modify the parameters directly on the road or on the dyno for instant results. The goal is to obtain the perfect harmonization between power, torque and drive pleasure. This kind of philosophy allows to realize a specific tune for each customer, accord to the vehicle and the individual needs.



The new platform for professional calibrations

Three viewing levels for three working environments: "Basic" allows users to independently manage increased performance on the various sensors; "Standard" includes a graph with information about the performance increase ramp; "Pro" adds each single modification in the curves, point by point.



In the Status section, users can monitor signals sent from the sensors in the Rapid wiring system, in real time (in numeric and graphic form), checking that the engine is functioning when the vehicle is being fine-tuned.




The software integrates the list of applications for DIMSPORT's Tuning Line products, including the Rapid range. It also allows consultation of the installation manuals and offers (for TPM modules) a download with the standard parameters tested by DIMSPORT and the direct programming of the module.



HOT FEATURES: ‘MAP LOCK’ & ‘PERFORMANCE TESTING’ ‘Map Lock’ protects the content of TPM module against reading/writing attempts: only the tuner who programmed the locked calibration can access the file. ‘PERFORMANCE TESTING’ measures the acceleration time – in seconds - between two preset RPM steps, comparing the results achieved in two different tests.




Our kit are supplied precofigured by Dimsport with standard calibrations developed by our technicians, that are an excellent mix of performance and reliability. The standard calibration of the Rapid kit is the starting point for any possible customization that the installer can carry out to better meet the customer's needs.

Rapid can further satisfy client's needs and be customised to each single vehicles, as each installer can use a special tool to change the setting parameters managing the working of the add-on-module: the so called calibration console.

 This device allows to display and modify the managing variables/settings of the add-on module by means of some simple and intuitive controls. You just need to connect it at the switch's place on the Rapid wring so that it is fed directly. It is possible to operate in any condition of use, even when the engine is running so allowing the installer to manage the Rapid module fine-tuning autonomously, even after the installation of the module. It will be therefore possible to check directly on the road the effects of the different calibrations. The calibration console is also an essential diagnostic tool, required to be supported by Dimsport: it allows to vary the setting of the modules.

A new user-friendly, intuitive interface for the calibration of turbopetrol add-on modules is available today: conceived as an evolution of the tuning console, Rapid TPM software is an advanced platform allowing professional tuners to easily perform real-time tuning, download standard calibration pre-set and update fimware versions.