Rapid FR: summer with Mazda MX-5

There's nothing better than a holiday on the road with a spider sports car. Dimsport though about enthusiasts and made Rapid FR available for Mazda MX-5 ND Skyactiv-G 118 kW. Rapid module changes the throttle sensibility with 28 different settings available. You can find the perfect setup for every drive enviroment. 



Drive Feeling

With Sport and Race sertings of Rapid FR the 2 litre naturally aspirated angine gives a direct and brilliant feedback and the car becomes even more fun to drive on twisty road with the roof down. When you have to drive long distances you can still use other settings to get a softer feedback.




Un cablaggio, diverse applicazioni

FRFR04 harness used on Mazda MX-5 can be installed also on many other Mazda petrol and diesel vehicles. It's also the same as MX-5 cousins Fiat and Abarth 124 Spider.


Rapid FR features unique hardware capable of handling analogue, PWM and SENT signals so that it can cope with the greatest possible number of applications on the market, incorporating the selection of four driving modes with seven adjustment steps each in a single ergonomic device. A further mode allows the module to be reset, and it can also restore the last selection in the memory when the vehicle was started.

The four modes


Rapid FR does not provide power or torque increases, but alters accelerator pedal response, so that the vehicle reacts appropriately according to personal driving style, route and the specific requirements of each user.

LIMIT mode can be used to limit the control’s operation in order to optimise consumption or when the car is used by other drivers.

CITY mode permits smoother response when driving in traffic, while maintaining greater response when more power is requested.

SPORT mode emphasises the vehicle’s characteristics, enhancing response over the whole range of the pedal, whereas RACE mode offers the most immediate reaction 


Easy Throttle Fine-Tuning !

Single, double, triple analog, pwm amd sent signals in a single hardware

Plug&PLay Separate warings for easy installations

4 drive modes to support your moods + 7 customizable settings to boost them up


The first ever Dimsport plug & play solution for all electric powertrain, hybrid, bi-fuel and natural aspirated petrol engines