Work on the Mazda Skyactiv G & D with the new plugins for New Trasdata

With the latest Dimsport update you can intervene on the DENSO control units installed on the latest generation Mazda Skyactiv-G and Skyactiv-D engines for repair, diagnosis and performance optimization. With New Trasdata in BENCH MODE and in a few simple steps, you can work on Mazda MX-5 (ND) and CX-5 (KF) with plugins 1827 and 1829 in total safety.

plugin 1827 Skyactiv-G

Are you ready to discover all the secrets of the DENSO PAB1 MPC5746R system that equips the small naturally aspirated 1.5L of the new Mazda MX-5? It is quick and easy to intervene! And thanks to the Race Evo remapping software you can make even more effective and fun the Japanese icon that has made its bright character a real trademark.

plugin 1829 Skyactiv-D

But there’s more: with New Trasdata you can also work on the DENSO SHNC MPC5746R control unit installed on Mazda CX-5. Get to the heart of the engine control electronics of the crossover forerunner of Skyactiv-D technology and manage the parameters of the innovative 2.2L turbo diesel engine.

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