Second generation setting files for KEIHIN SH72531 ECUs that equips TRIUMPH brand

Today we make available new second generation settings files to get the most out of your calibrations on KEIHIN SH72531 ECUs, installed on Triumph brand.

We enable you to work on more effective tuning operations, extending your range of action with 18 engine parameter management maps.

with PATCH:

đź…ź [PAIR_OFF] pair valve deletion *diagnostic use

đź…ź [SCA_OFF] exhaust valve deletion *diagnostic use

đź…ź [L_OFF] lambda sensor deletion *diagnostic use

These files are useful for vehicle repair and much more. Race Evo software joins the diagnostic tools already in use in the workshops, allowing the operator to carry out targeted operations on individual trouble codes stored in the engine control unit reducing intervention time and costs.

The essential structure of the settings file
  • Base timing (4)
  • Injection for IAP
  • Injection for TPS
  • Lambda/AFR
  • Torque (3)
  • Torque request (3)
  • Electronic throttle control
  • Cooling fan activation
  • RPM limiter (3)
  • PATCH (3)

Control unit equipment KEIHIN SH72531

  • BONNEVILLE 1200 MY12-19 59kW
  • BONNEVILLE 900 MY16-19 48kW
  • DAYTONA 675 MY12-15 92kW
  • DAYTONA 765 MY16-19 96kW
  • SCRAMBLER 1200 MY19-20 66kW
  • SPEED TRIPLE 1050 MY16-19 104kW
  • SPEED TWIN 1200 MY19-20 72kW
  • STREET TRIPLE 660 MY20-21 70kW
  • STREET TRIPLE 675 MY13-16 78kW
  • STREET TRIPLE 765 R / S / RS MY17-19 90kW
  • STREET TWIN 900 MY16-19 48kW
  • THRUXTON 1200 MY16-19 59kW
  • TIGER 1050 MY16-19 92kW
  • TIGER 1200 MY18-20 104kW
  • TIGER 1200 MY18-20 104kW
  • TIGER 800 MY15-18 70kW

Race Evo software view:

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