OBDII Solution for BOSCH ZF8HP AL450/AL551 mechatronics.

Thanks to the new flash_0884 protocol, you can work via the diagnostic socket on the 8-speed ZF8HP AL450 and AL551 gearboxes installed on VAG group cars.

Dimsport today allows you to carry out your work safely and efficiently directly via the OBDII socket on the BOSCH ZF8HP AL450/AL551 ECUs.

Thanks to New Genius you will have the possibility to intervene on the TCU of over 100 vehicles of the VAG group, allowing you to recalibrate the control units that manage the 8-speed automatic transmissions.


Thanks to New Genius and Race Evo you will be able to face the recalibration of these systems with greater safety and accuracy, guaranteeing optimal performance and maximum efficiency. Not only will you have the possibility to work on a variety of VAG models, but you will be able to do it by reducing intervention times thanks to the New Genius stand-alone calibration console. 

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