Race EVO is the remapping software developed by Dimsport   allowing the optimization and the recalibration of the relevant engine working parameters stored into the ECU with simple and intuitive operations.
The intention is to support the user in his tuning purposes with a multilevel, professional application, for the development of better engine performances and the reduction of the fuel consumption.

The internal structure of the software collects data and information organizing their visualization in a functional database; a USB logic key (dongle) protects the user against unauthorized access by others.


Race Evo Standard


Race EVO STANDARD exploits setting files to display maps reporting the engine working parameters. The setting files are drivers specifically created by our technicians for Race Evo STANDARD: through the setting files, the software filters all data and identifies the maps which allow to optimize the power and torque delivery and customize the engine performance.

The maps can be visualized in numeric table (Cartesian diagram), 2-D and 3-D charts. The user can operate on both the numeric tables and the graphic charts, dragging up or down the specific curves displayed to maximize the working precision. A helpful support for what concerns the analysis of the maps calibration is provided by the different colours displayed in the 3D chart.

On the numeric tables, the modification can be set both numerically and in percentage; it is even available a function allowing interpolations of the values contained into the maps. The software is conceived to automatically recalculate the checksum at the end of the tuning operations, so assuring the compatibility of the new file.

Race Evo PLUS


Race EVO PLUS adds to the features of the STANDARD version the possibility to work in total freedom on the entire content of the ECU file, either through the use of a setting file (STANDARD or BASIC) or through a working environment (Analysis of an image) without constraints on the size and correctness of the checksum of the file .

Working within a setting file, the user can access the display of any parameter either in decimal/hexadecimal numeric mode or in 2D graphics: specific nomenclatures and markers allow the user to locate calibration zones already set by Dimsport technicians; access to decimal/hexadecimal and 2D codes are also a useful tool for comparing files that have already been modified and thus discover their secrets.  

This version of the program also allows you, through an intuitive editor, to create and manage your own custom maps by expanding the number of parameters you can use. Managing User Maps thus allows you to extend the functionality of the system and totally customize your database.

But that's not all, the PLUS version of the software also adds two tools indispensable to more experienced clients: resizing files for use with other software and checksum correction without having to use a settings file.

Race Evo FULL


Aimed at experienced users, the FULL upgrade further expands the service offered by the PLUS version with the support of additional features that maximize its operational versatility and make the system even more professional.

As with the version from which it is derived, the system allows total freedom to operate both through the use of extended setting files and on the entire contents of the ECU through an advanced editor and a series of operational filters.

In addition to what has already been described, the FULL upgrade allows - starting from a 'basic' file - the creation of user files in total freedom.

Additional functions such as "drag & drop" make the user's work easier and faster by allowing a file to be loaded into the program immediately: if the file is read with New Genius, it will be automatically sorted by make, model and engine/plant type, then saved among the available matching files.

As with other versions, recalculation of the checksum is done automatically.

Organize your slave network with RACE MANAGER upgrade:

upgrade is an extension of the main software working on a master system, allowing the user to manage and control a network of ‘slavedealers equipped with New Genius and New Trasdata tools. ‘Slavedealers can just read and program files exchanged with their manager and cannot exchange files with any other tuner. Database allows to classify and store all the files sent to/received from each dealer.

Choose DSMANAGER to manage slave users with other tuning softwares:

DSManager is a dedicated software to tuners who prefer to develop tuned files with other platforms available on the market. DSManager can decrypt/encrypt and resize files received from New Genius allowing to manage files with other tuning softwares. No editing features are supported. A specific tool for the automatic checksum recalculation is provided with it. DSManager is the ‘light’ Race Evo version, conceived to manage a slave network without being tied to the complete editing platform.  

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