the other Rapid modules for turbo-diesel

Alongside the best-known and most widespread bestsellers, Dimsport offers a series of engine modules on the market that control injection times or rail pressure on diesel engines and optimize the yield of old and new generation engines in the automotive, truck and tractor fields. The technology and the RAPID quality and the compatibility with the digital calibration console allow to have an approach similar to that of the other modules, thus offering the possibility of intervening also on niche models or on vehicles of greater seniority.

The RAPID BHV, PE2, VPE and IP modules are dedicated to diesel cars. They manage injection times and offer superior performance compared to the same applications with rail pressure control only.

The LPD, HVT and VTY modules are aimed at the off-road niche market and Toyota pickups and allow important increases in power and torque by working on the control of injection times.

The HVD, VPD, V4T and BHV modules are dedicated to the world of tractors and the specific needs of the agricultural sector, always looking for the best balance between torque delivery, performance and reliability. For some models the simpler LPT application on rail sensor has also been developed, where this technology allows to obtain adequate performance to Dimsport standards.


Dimsport places more than 20 years of experience in the auxiliary modules sector at the disposal of its customers, and develops standard calibrations on its own test benches in order to provide the best possible balance between reliability and performance optimisation and vehicle efficiency. Our tests confirm that it is possible to obtain an increase in power and torque of 15-20%, taking full advantage of the potential offered by standard mechanical technologies. These are real values tested in the field and confirmed by over 100,000 installations worldwide, on cars, commercial vehicles, trucks and tractors. Installers can increase these values further through customised calibrations, and by drawing on the support offered by specialist Dimsport technicians.