New protocols for CONTINENTAL-SIMOS 15.X ECUS

Our journey to Latin America moves on: after the developments made available in January 2021, a new OBDII protocol has been released for VAG group vehicles (1.6L petrol/ethanol) equipped with CONTINENTAL-SIMOS 15.X ECUs. Also for E85 bio-fuel matter, Dimsport approach reconfirms full commitment to support requests coming from all over the world.

Calibrating this ECU has never been so easy! With New Genius FLASH_0805 protocol you can read and write the engine management parameters through the CAN line. Thanks to this new release you can expand your range of action on all vehicles already supported by New Trasdata plugin 1164, optimizing working times and thus reducing intervention costs in full compliance with Dimsport philosophy, supporting your work at 360 degrees.

Spotlight on:

  • VW Suran 1.6 MPI 82Kw
  • VW Spacefox 1.6 MPI 82Kw
  • VW Sportvan 1.6 MPI 82Kw
  • VW Fox 1.6 MPI 82Kw


Ethanol: the bio-fuel of South America... and beyond!

Ethanol allows a much cleaner and more complete combustion than fossil fuels, such as to make the exhaust gases rich in water vapor, with a very low presence of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.

Furthermore, the use of bioethanol enhances a significant increase in performance (up to 10Hp for this application) as it contains about 30% (by volume) of oxygen, which also guarantees a significant temperature reduction. The bigger octane rating (108) allows to reduce the occurrence of spark knocking.

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