Hyper demanding, hyper attentive, hyper connected: whether it's for a Sunday picnic or to win on the track, the 2020 motorcyclist now rides always with a smartphone in his pocket or on the handlebar to record his lap.
Thanks to the BlueBike accessory and the Rapid Bike APP and RaceTime applications, the 'optimized' performance of the Rapid Bike additional control units are always on your screen!


Once the application is downloaded from the store, the motorcyclist has access in real time to an extremely useful information package in order to evaluate and further improve his driving style, whether he is on the track or on the road.

The interaction with the RAPID BIKE EVO or RAPID BIKE RACING add-on modules allows the app to track in real time the itinerary and record a range of interesting parameters, among others:

- speed
- leaning angle
- acceleration
- engine RPM
- throttle openings

Coming soon:

- possibility to share your routes with the web community
- possibility to select and view the routes shared by other members

ATTENTION: the connection with iOS is only possible with the BlueBike3 adapter

More Info on www.rapidbikeapp.com


With the RaceTime application (available for Android), the 'racer' motorcyclist can access at any time a package of extremely useful information to evaluate and refine his driving style.

Engine revs, gas opening, map used, electronic shift management, lambda management, lean angle in addition to the typical functions of a GPS stopwatch: the driving feeling has never been so rich in real data, enhancing the concept of 'customization' 'that only the use of the RAPID BIKE EVO and RAPID BIKE RACING additional control units can guarantee.

Info on www.racetimeapp.com