Dimsport presents RAPID FR, a module designed for use on the accelerator pedal which can be installed both on traditional petrol and diesel vehicles and on bi-fuel, hybrid and electric vehicles, thus extending the range of applications in the Dimsport Tuning Line. In response to market demand, this solution meets Dimsport quality standards. Dimsport can boast more than 20 years of experience with the RAPID product line. Rapid FR’s limited dimensions, Dimsport build quality and the possibility of combining a single module with application-specific wiring make it extremely attractive for the end user but also for professionals in the sector.


Choose your driving style!

Rapid FR features unique hardware capable of handling analogue, PWM and SENT signals so that it can cope with the greatest possible number of applications on the market, incorporating the selection of four driving modes with seven adjustment steps each in a single ergonomic device. A further mode allows the module to be reset, and it can also restore the last selection in the memory when the vehicle was started.


Rapid FR does not provide increases in power and torque, but modifies the responsiveness of the accelerator pedal, thus allowing the vehicle's response to be adapted to one’s driving style, the route and the specific needs of each user.

Through four modes with seven configurations each is possible to create your own setting in real time.

The ergonomic shape with backlit buttons and the wiring separated from the main unit make the Rapid FR an extremely versatile product: with a single hardware it is possible to manage all the types of sensors currently present in the automotive sector.

LIMIT mode includes ECO and VALET settings. LIMIT ECO makes the engine delivery smoother to offer more efficient driving both in terms of reducing fuel consumption and driving in adverse weather conditions. LIMIT VALET reduces the functionality of the pedal in four steps, passing from the decrease in performance to the total cancellation of the pedal action.

With the CITY mode it is possible to maintain the response of the vehicle during driving in traffic, offering greater responsiveness when more power is required. The modification of the pedal response occurs in fact only over a predetermined percentage, maintaining operation at partial loads unchanged.

With the SPORT mode the accelerator response speed is enhanced along the entire pedal stroke, obtaining a more aggressive engine response for the same pressure. Ideal for vehicles that lack inspiration at low speeds or to increase driving pleasure.

With the RACE mode the RAPID FR module offers maximum responsiveness to the throttle controls. The delivery curve is anticipated in order to obtain an immediate response of the vehicle with a reduced pressure of the pedal.

Purely indicative values, only given for information

Easy throotle fine-tuning


Single, double, triple analog, Pwm and Sent signals in a single hardware.


Plug&Play separate wirings for easy installations


4 drive modes to support your moods + 7 customizable settings to boost them up


The first ever Dimsport plug&play solution for electric powertrain, hybrid, bi-fuel and natural aspirated petrol engines