A new entry-level module for turbo-diesel engines

Dimsport introduces the new Rapid LPE add-on module as an evolution of the Rapid LPI. Thanks to our know-how in diesel technology, we proudly present a new reliable, compact and affordable product working on cars and light commercial vehicles with maximum safety.

Rapid LPE confirms the quality of his predecessor with a digital console for tuning and a simple connection to the rail sensor. The new miniaturized electronics works in a 7x5,5 cm box so the module can easily be installed in a minimum amount of space, combined with plug & play harnesses made of automotive quality materials and connectors.

The Rapid LPE's range of applications incorporates the existing Rapid LPI’s. With new developments yet to come, it positions itself at the base of Dimsport’s add-on modules offer for the car sector where Rapid TPM stands at the top of the range.

 A new product following the Tuning Line strategy, thanks to which Dimsport continues to offer an exclusive solution for applications not available or only partially covered by the remapping tools of the Race line.

Through the calibration console, the installer can further customize the setting of the module, so to reach the most suitable calibration according to the working conditions and vehicle features


This approach makes it possible to personalise the function of the engine and fuel flow by calibrating the signal indicating the diesel fuel injection pressure in the rail differently.

The advantages are: incredibly easy installation thanks to fewer wirings and the overall optimisation of torque output.


Dimsport places more than 20 years of experience in the auxiliary modules sector at the disposal of its customers, and develops standard calibrations on its own test benches in order to provide the best possible balance between reliability and performance optimisation and vehicle efficiency. Our tests confirm that it is possible to obtain an increase in power and torque of 10-12% on average with LPE modules and 15-18% with XTI and TPM modules, taking full advantage of the potential offered by standard mechanical technologies. These are real values tested in the field and confirmed by over 100,000 installations worldwide, on cars, commercial vehicles, trucks and tractors. Installers can increase these values further through customised calibrations, and by drawing on the support offered by specialist Dimsport technicians.